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Wadaman Organic Sesame Paste Gold




This is a paste made from 100% golden sesame, the king of sesame.
Organic golden sesame from Turkey is roasted at a very high temperature using Wadaman's traditional roasting technique, and then carefully crushed many times with a special mortar to make a paste.
It is characterized by its mellow, rich flavor and aroma.
Enjoy the nutritional benefits of whole sesame seeds with "Organic Golden Sesame Paste" made by a sesame manufacturer specializing in sesame seeds since 1883.

How to enjoy
Spread on bread.
 For those who prefer a sweeter taste, mix with honey.
Sesame paste
 Mix with soup stock, soy sauce and sugar, and serve with boiled vegetables.
Shabu-shabu sauce
 Mix with soup stock and soy sauce (optional).
 Mix with mayonnaise for an easy dip. Serve with raw vegetables.




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