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Tretes Tsubu Konkirari




Dried mukago konjac potatoes grown without pesticides have taken the form of rice, a new food ingredient!
Compared to rice, this healthy food has 48% fewer calories, 16 times more calcium, and 8 times more dietary fiber, making it a healthy food with high nutritional benefits. Not only can it be cooked like rice in a rice cooker, but it can also be used in hamburgers and dumplings by mixing it with ground meat after boiling.

How to use
To cook rice with rice
1. wash rice only and drain.
 Do not wash the konjirari grains.
2. Add konjakon Kirari to the drained rice.
  One bag (65g) is equivalent to one cup of rice.
 The amount of water is the same as the scale of a normal rice cooker. 3.
3. Add water, stir gently, and cook rice as usual.

When using for cooking
Boil the rice in 10 times or more the amount of water for about 10 minutes, drain the water, and then use it for cooking. (No rinsing is necessary).
(No rinsing is necessary.) When 65g of one bag is boiled back, the weight expands to about 320g.
(No rinsing is required.) *Dried risotto, paella, soup ingredients, etc. can be used in their dried state.

1 bag 325g (65g x 5)



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