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Sokensha Sauce Flake Demiglace




Demi-glace style sauce (flake type) made from vegetable ingredients only, without using any animal ingredients. Reduces 35% of fat while maintaining a delicious taste.
Enough for 6 servings of stew or hashed rice.

No chemical seasonings, acidifiers, colorings, or flavors are used.
○No animal ingredients such as lard, beef fat, animal bouillon or extracts, etc., but only vegetable ingredients are used.
Contents: 120g

Wheat flour (Hokkaido), vegetable oil [organic safflower oil (U.S.), palm oil (Malaysia)], powdered vegetables [tomato powder (Switzerland), onion powder (U.S.), garlic powder (China), celery powder (India)], sugar (Hokkaido), salt (Mexico)
Yeast extract (domestic and other overseas), apple juice (domestic), soy sauce powder (American and other overseas), red wine (Nagano), vegetable paste (Hokkaido, Nagano, Kyushu and other overseas), malt extract (British), black pepper (Malaysia and other overseas), cocoa powder (origin: Dominica, processing place: Netherlands), (some (Contains wheat, soybeans and apples)



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