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Sokensha Organic Curry Roux Veggie Medium Hot




Slightly spicy organic curry made with plant ingredients.
Solid roux type, 4 servings.

This slightly spicy curry roux is made without using animal ingredients, but with organic spices and the acidity of organic tomatoes from Italy as a secret ingredient, and is enriched with miso and cocoa powder, which are rare in curry.
This is the first JAS-certified organic curry roux in Japan.
No chemical seasonings, acidifiers, flavorings, or colorings are used.

Organic vegetable oil (organic palm oil (produced in Colombia), organic safflower oil (produced in the U.S.)), organic wheat flour, organic curry powder, organic sugar, salt, yeast extract, organic tomato powder, apple juice, organic soy sauce, organic spices, organic miso, organic cocoa powder, (contains wheat, soybeans and apples)



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