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Sky Foods Dashi Shikisaisai Ohfu




This Western-style dashi is made without animal ingredients, and is flavored mainly with garlic, onions, and other vegetables.
Generally, Western-style dashi and soups are made by adding vegetables to meat extracts such as chicken and beef. Shikisai-Yasai European Style Dashi" is made without using any animal ingredients, but rather utilizing the flavor and aroma of vegetables and spices. It is easy to use even in small quantities in granulated form and can be enjoyed in Western-style stews, pilafs, and other dishes, as well as in instant soups by dissolving it in hot water. No chemical seasonings (amino acids, etc.) are used in order to preserve the original flavor of the dashi.

5g x 8

Salt (manufactured in Japan), starch degradation product, yeast extract powder, onion extract powder (starch degradation product, onion extract), soy sauce (including soybeans and wheat), celery powder, carrot powder, pepper, fried garlic, horse bell pepper starch



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