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Sky Foods Dashi Shikisaisai Ago




This dashi is made from grilled and smoked sardines, and has a distinctive flavor and aroma.
From the Kyushu region to the Sea of Japan, flying fish is called "ago" and has been used as a soup stock since ancient times. This product is made from two types of "grilled" and "smoked" ago, which are made by repeatedly roasting and annealing dried and then baking them. The flavor and aroma of the broth can be enjoyed not only in miso soup, but also in ramen noodles, stir-fried dishes, and many other dishes. Please enjoy its distinctive flavor and aroma. No chemical seasonings (amino acids, etc.) are used to preserve the original flavor of the dashi.

4g x 8

Baked and smoked sardines (produced in Kagoshima Prefecture), salt (produced in Japan), beet sugar, yeast extract powder



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