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Osawa Japan Roux Demiglace




Vegetable demi-glace roux made with brown rice flour instead of wheat flour.
The deep richness of this roux enhances the flavor of the ingredients.

100% pesticide- and chemical-free brown rice flour
No wheat flour
Organic palm oil is used for the fat.
Organic Tateshina soybean miso is used as a secret ingredient.
Sugar and animal ingredients are not used.
Use in hashed rice, stews, hamburger sauces, etc.
Flake type
One bag is enough for 5-6 servings.
Contents: 120g

Organic palm oil (Colombia), brown rice flour [rice (Yamagata, Miyagi, Akita)], powdered vegetables [tomatoes (Italy, etc.), onions (U.S.), garlic, ginger (China), celery (India)], maple sugar, yeast extract, salt (natural salt), potato starch [potatoes (Hokkaido)], concentrated apple juice, organic soybean paste, red wine, malt extract (soybean sprouts), organic soybean miso, red wine, malt extract (soybean paste) Organic Tateshina soybean miso, red wine, malt extract (from barley), organic cocoa, organic pepper.



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