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Nijiya Hidaka Kiridashi Kombu 12.5cm




Nijiya's kelp is genuine Hidaka kelp.
Hidaka kelp is famous as Hokkaido's kelp, and it is harvested in the waters around Cape Erimo in Hokkaido. Cape Erimo is a good fishing ground where the Oyashio Current, which flows southward from the Shiretoko Peninsula to the Pacific Ocean, meets the Kuroshio Current (warm current) flowing from the south. In addition, the rivers that flow into the Hidaka area contain nutrients from the mountains, making the waters very rich in nutrients.
This high quality Hidaka kelp is known as a versatile kelp.
The broth is characterized by its rich, robust kelp-like flavor.
It is also used for tsukudani (food boiled in soy sauce) and kombu-maki (kombu rolls) because it cooks quickly and its flesh is soft but does not lose its shape. Please try Nijya's kelp!

Contents: 45g



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