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Nijiya Flour Shiratama Ko




This is Nijiya's original product "Tokusen Shiratama-ko".
Shiratama flour is made from glutinous rice.
It is also called kanzarashi, or cold-bleached rice flour, because it is dried by repeated precipitation in the cold. In the manufacturing process, glutinous rice is ground into powder, allowed to precipitate in water, and then ground while water is added. The emulsion is sieved, the precipitated material is pressed and dehydrated, dried in the sun, and used to make shiratama dumplings and other Japanese confections.

It is said that shiratama flour became popular among the general public during the Edo period (1603-1867), when sweet foods such as sugar and red bean paste were relatively easy to obtain, and shiratama flour became popular along with them.
It goes well with Japanese desserts such as anmitsu-mitsume and green tea parfait, and can be eaten with a sprinkling of molasses or soybean flour over the shiratama or in a zenzai like rice cake to make a filling snack.

For a recipe using this shiratama Ko, please see refer to p. 10 of the 2022 issue of Gochiso Magazine for a recipe using this shiratama ko.
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