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Nijiya Cut Wakame




This is Nijiya's original product "cut wakame (thick wakame seaweed)".
It is made by boiling and salting wakame from the Sanriku coast of Tohoku, then removing the salt, cutting it into bite-size pieces, and drying it. The Sanriku coast has a unique geographical feature called a rias coast, where the warm Kuroshio current and the cold Oyashio current meet, which is a rare environment of ocean currents with good tidal flow.
It is said that high-quality wakame seaweed grows there. The Sanriku wakame grown in such an environment is characterized by its firm elasticity and chewiness, as well as its thick flesh and beautiful color. It is also rich in dietary fiber and minerals, and is highly recommended for health and beauty. It is a great addition to miso soup, salads, soups, and other dishes where the ingredients are a little lacking, and is easy to rehydrate.




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