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Kubara Ponzu Rokumi




Ponzu vinegar with dashi (Japanese soup stock) and yuzu (citrus fruit) flavor. It contains six kinds of ingredients: grated radish, grated onion, yuzu, kombu, kelp, sesame, and bonito. The characteristics of each of the six ingredients are combined to create a well-balanced, mild taste with a touch of broth, soy sauce, and citrus. It can be used with vegetables, fish, and meat dishes.


Soy sauce (made in Japan), vinegar, onion, sugar, daikon paste, syrup, salt, yuzu juice, yuzu peel paste, yeast extract, bonito flakes extract, kelp extract, grilled sardines, kelp pieces, bonito flakes shavings, grilled sardines, dried horse mackerel / sake spirit, thickener (xanthan gum), sour agent, (some contain wheat and soybeans)



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