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Kracie Himawari Oil In Conditioner (Rich & Repair) Refill




●A non-silicone hair care brand that corrects hair distortion*1 (waviness, kinkiness, dryness) and leads to straight hair.

●Non-silicone hair care brand that leads to straight hair.

●Premium Sunflower Oil EX
(organic sunflower oil, sunflower bud fermentation extract, sunflower seed extract, sunflower flower extract / lipid & moisture retention, damage repair, and spreading control ingredients).

●Hair is left moist and manageable with minimal spreading.

●Rich texture that easily absorbs into hair and helps maintain the balance of lipids and moisture inside the hair.

●The thick texture absorbs quickly and easily into the hair and adjusts the balance of lipids and moisture inside the hair, leading to manageable hair that is resistant to swelling, frizz, dryness, and spreading due to humidity.

●The product is applied from both the surface and the inside of the hair, and leads to manageable hair.

●The "Distortion Care System" leads to manageable hair by taking a dual approach on the hair surface and inside the hair.

●The "Swell Control Formulation" leads to hair with less noticeable swell.

●Swell Control Formulation" for hair that is less prone to swell

●Damage sensor function that targets and intensively repairs damaged areas

●Elegant floral fragrance with warmth and transparency of the sun

*1: A disturbance in the balance of lipids and moisture inside and outside the hair, respectively, that causes swell, frizz, and dryness.



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