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Kawanaka Shoyu Shirunashi Tantanmen No Tare




Based on mellow natural soy sauce with bonito and kelp dashi, this sauce for soup-less noodle soup combines the concentrated flavor of the highest quality pei-zheng bean-paste from Sichuan, China, the spiciness of red chili peppers, and the aromatic stimulation of fresh and hana-sansho peppercorns.

Edible vegetable oil (including sesame, made in Japan), soy sauce (non-fatty soybeans [not genetically modified], wheat, salt), rice brewing seasoning, sugar mixed with glucose-fructose liquid sugar, salt, glucose, soy bean sauce, rice wine, garlic, sugar, spices, kelp extract, bonito flakes, bonito extract, fish sauce, kelp, vinegar/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, thickening agent (amino acids, etc.) Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), alcohol, thickener (xanthan), caramel coloring




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