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Kato Biho Tensai Oligo




A long-selling product that has been on the market for 24 years.
It is a standard oligosaccharide syrup containing raffinose derived from sugar beet.
Tensai, a specialty of Hokkaido, is also known as "sugar beet" or "beet. Hokkaido Tensai Oligo", a natural sweetener containing oligosaccharides extracted from this "Tensai", is not only very tasty, but is also excellent for energizing the bifidobacteria in your stomach and increasing their number. Bifidobacteria that have increased by feeding on oligosaccharides further break down the oligosaccharides to produce lactic acid and organic acid, aiming for a better intestinal environment. It is recommended to eat it over yogurt rich in bifidobacteria, but it is also very popular as a sweetener for coffee, tea, and food. During the cold season, add it to hot drinks to enjoy its gentle sweetness. It contains no additives of any kind, so it is a great choice for children as well.


Sugar molasses



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