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Kagoshima Pearl Rice Rice Satsuma Kuromochi 200g




Kagoshima Satsuma Black Glutinous Rice" is the first black glutinous rice variety developed in Kyushu by the Kagoshima Prefectural Agricultural Development Center. It was registered as a national variety brand in 2010. Compared to conventional black glutinous rice, the grains are larger, and it is a black rice with excellent glutinous quality, descended from "Mizoshita glutinous rice," a glutinous rice indigenous to Kagoshima Prefecture. It is lovingly produced by contract farmers in Satsuma Town at the foot of Mt. It contains anthocyanin (a part of polyphenol), which is known from blueberries and grapes. It can be mixed with white rice to cook, or used as a topping for salads, potage soups, and various other dishes.

10g x 20 bags



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