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Itsuki Nabeyaki Udon Miso Nikomi




This udon noodle stew is made with diced fresh udon noodles with a smooth texture and the deep richness of soybean miso paste, with a hint of Japanese broth.
Easy to cook, this dish is perfect for lunch, dinner, or even a nighttime snack.
(Compatible with both induction and gas heaters.)
Since it is stored at room temperature, there is no need to worry about space in the refrigerator.
Recommended for rolling stock, stockpiling, and as reserve food.

Noodles [wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), salt], seasonings [miso, sugar, salt, seafood extract, mirin, dried bonito flakes Vegetable extract, protein hydrolysate, starch, yeast extract, mixed shavings (mackerel shavings, dried sardines, Soda dried bonito shavings, Muro-aji shavings) Mixed shavings (mackerel flakes, dried sardine flakes, dried sardine flakes, dried mullet flakes), shiitake mushroom extract], kayaku [fried egg (wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, starch, salt), green onion] /processed starch, seasoning Starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), pH adjuster, leavening agent, acidulant, vitamin B1, antioxidant (vitamin E) ), (Some ingredients: wheat, soybeans, dairy ingredients, gelatin, mackerel), (Contains wheat, soybeans, dairy ingredients, gelatin, mackerel)



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