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Hokkai Yamato Potage Creamy With Crouton 8P




Creamy potage made with Hokkaido vegetables and milk.
This is an economical 8-bag box type with croutons.

How to serve
1. Place the contents of the bag in a cup.

2. Pour in 150 ml of boiling water and stir immediately for 15 seconds. (Adjust the amount of boiling water according to your taste.)

3. The soup is ready in about 1 minute after pouring the hot water.

120g (15g x 8 bags)

Potato powder (made in the U.S.A.), glucose, powdered candy, powdered vegetable oil and fat, salt, starch, lactose, cheese powder, onion, skimmed milk powder, yeast extract, protein hydrolysate, wheat flour, carrot powder, spices, croutons, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), (some ingredients include milk, wheat and soy)



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