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Hayashikyuemon Dashi Kanmi Hyakusen Ago




From "Hayashi Kyuemon," which has been selling dried bonito flakes using the traditional method since its establishment in 1878, comes a natural dashi packet made from dried bonito flakes.
This natural broth packet is made using only domestically produced dried bonito with low fat content, with no chemical seasonings, preservatives, or flavorings, and no salt added.
This is a natural broth packet with no chemical seasoning, preservatives, flavorings, or salt.
It has a deep and rich flavor that goes well with all kinds of dishes.
The whole fish used as ingredients, such as sardines and sardines, are crushed and packaged in a bag with all the nutrition and taste of the ingredients intact.
The dashi broth still has some flavor, so it can be used for further cooking, such as furikake (sprinkled on rice) or a side dish of stir-fried dashi broth and daikon leaves.
Since it is packaged in a non-woven tetra pack, it is easy to make clear and tasty dashi at home.

80g (10g x 8 packets)

Tobiuo dried sardines (manufactured in Japan)



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