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Hayashi Koutaro Zousu Vinegar Sushi Kyofu




This is "Vinegar Sushi Kyofu" from "Hayashi Koutaro Zousu Vinegar", which has been proudly supported by the strict Kyoto people's palates and continues to preserve the traditional taste that has been passed down through the generations, even after more than 170 years since its establishment.

Originally, "Hayashi Kotaro" vinegar was manufactured exclusively for cooks and sushi restaurants in Kyoto, so this product was created within that food culture.

Just pour it over cooked rice and you have sushi rice just like at a sushi restaurant! Of course, it is additive-free. It is of course an additive-free product, so please feel free to use it.


Rice vinegar (produced in Japan), sake lees vinegar, sugar, salt, apple cider vinegar, kelp (some contain apple)



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