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Hamaotome Nori Temaki With Vinegar




This nori has "grains of sushi vinegar" on the reverse side so that you can make sushi and hand-rolled sushi without sushi vinegar. When cooled rice is placed on top, the "grains of sushi vinegar" soak into the rice, transforming it into sushi rice in no time at all! Since there is no need to make sushi rice, you can easily make temakizushi with small children or when you suddenly feel like having temakizushi.

20 pieces of 4 slices

Dried laver (made in Japan), kelp extract (kelp extract, salt), vinegar granules (salt, vinegar powder), starch syrup, reduced maltose syrup, starch degradation products, soy sauce-like seasoning (nonfat processed soybeans, salt, corn, glucose, others), dextrin/acidifier, sweetener (aspartame, L-phenylalanine compound, sucralose), micro silicon oxide Sucralose), silicon dioxide, (contains soybeans)



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