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Bourbon Petit Sweets Cake Chocolate




The moist cake is sandwiched between a smooth vanilla cream with white chocolate kneaded into it and lavishly coated with 50% cocoa chocolate.

48g / 6 pieces

Sugar (manufactured in Thailand, Japan, Australia, Korea), cacao mass, wheat flour, liquid whole egg, vegetable oil and fat, shortening, liquid egg yolk (contains egg), edible processed oil and fat, Western wine, syrup, isomerized liquid sugar, sweetened condensed milk, buttermilk powder, whole milk powder, reduced syrup, cream (contains milk ingredient), lactose, cocoa Butter, Butter, Cocoa powder, Salt / Sorbitol, Liquor spirit, Emulsifier (from soybeans), Flavoring, Inflating agent, Color (annatto, turmeric)



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