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Ajinomoto Soup Deli Mushroom Cream Soup Pasta




From the popular "Eating Soup Deli," which offers pasta, French bread, and other ingredients as well as thick soups, this soup pasta is a thick mushroom cream soup with the aroma of porcini, which can be enjoyed by twirling the pasta around it. The pasta is made from 100% durum semolina flour.
The pasta is firm and chewy, and the soup is well mixed with the pasta. Just pour boiling water over the pasta and serve immediately.


Pasta (made in Belgium), creaming powder, starch, dextrin, whey concentrate, salt, sugar, mushroom extract, porcini powder, dried beech mushrooms, cheese powder, mashed potatoes, edible processed oils and fats, butter sauteed onion powder, butter sauteed mushroom powder Onion Powder, Mushroom Powder, Powdered Soy Sauce, Yeast Extract, Spices, Parsley / Seasoning (Amino Acid, etc.), Processed Starch, Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Caramel Color, Acidifier, (Contains Wheat, Milk Ingredients, Soybeans in some cases)



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