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Ajinomoto Mayonnaise Pure Select




This mayonnaise has a rich, mildly acidic and gentle taste, made with the freshest eggs, vinegar, and oil. For the eggs, we use only domestic fresh eggs ("Pure Select Eggs") within 3 days of being collected. The vinegar is a special "Pure Select Vinegar," a blend of white grape vinegar, brown rice vinegar, and malt vinegar aged in wooden barrels, blended with mild vinegar to which heat is added.
The factory is also located near the egg production area, and the eggs are transported by a special vehicle. The factory also uses technology to avoid adding extra ingredients, and bottles are developed to keep the eggs fresh. The mayonnaise is made with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure delicious taste and peace of mind.


Edible vegetable oil (rapeseed oil (produced in Japan), soybean oil, corn oil), egg, syrup, vinegar (brewed vinegar, grape vinegar, grain vinegar, rice vinegar), salt, spices, lemon juice concentrate/seasoning (amino acid)



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