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Agf Blendy Cafelatory Rasberry White Chocolat Latte




White chocolate latte with sweet and sour raspberries.
You can enjoy this drink as if it were a dessert.
Individually wrapped stick type, each cup is always fresh.
Enjoy the authentic taste of a specialty coffee shop, which foams the moment hot water is brewed.
You can also easily enjoy it iced by adding half the usual amount of hot water and ice to one stick.

Creaming powder (manufactured in Japan), sugar, whole milk powder, dextrin, quasi-chocolate, caramel powder, salt, raspberry juice powder [Additives] Flavor, milk protein, pH adjuster, thickener (CMC), silicon micronized oxide, acidifier, stabilizer (processed starch), sweetener (aspartame, L emulsifier, gardenia pigment, seasoning (amino acid), (some dairy ingredients and soybeans are included).

Allergen Information
Milk, Soybeans



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